It’s quite simple, everybody needs a Will for various reasons, such as;

    • to ensure that your Estate goes to the people you want it to
    • to name Executors to deal with your Estate after your death
    • to exclude anyone you do not wish to inherit from you
    • to name guardians for your children who are under 18
    • to provide for children from a previous relationship

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If you die without leaving a will,  it is known as dying ‘intestate‘. This means that the Government will dictate how your assets are distributed and the people you might want to inherit from your estate might not, such as;

  • an unmarried partner
  • children from a previous relationship
  • trusted friends or other close relatives
  • a charity

Dying Intestate means the Estate Administration process can be complicated and time consuming after your death, please read our free WILLS factsheet by clicking here.

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