Funeral Planning

We can help you arrange a funeral plan – we use Safe Hands who are a specialist prepaid funeral plans provider in the UK, dedicated to providing services of the very highest quality.

Here is some key information about Safe Hands. Details of the plans available can be found at the bottom of this page.

Who are Safe Hands?
Safe Hands are one of the UK’s most established, trusted, and affordable funeral plan providers.

What is a funeral plan?
A funeral plan is the most effective and practical means to protect your family against rising funeral costs. Also, taking out a funeral plan enables you to dictate the precise format of your funeral, sparing your family any uncertainty or indecision over what your particular wishes may be.

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What does a Safe Hands funeral plan include?
Safe Hands offers 3 different plan options to suit different tastes and budgets. All, as a minimum, include a lined and fitted coffin, 24 hour transfer of the deceased, care and preparation of the deceased, director’s fees and services, plus 3rd party fees (otherwise known as ‘disbursements’).

What are funeral director fees?
Funeral Director’s fees cover all elements of the funeral that are provided by the funeral director directly – such as the hearses, limousines, care and preparation of the deceased, etc.

What are 3rd Party Fees / Disbursements?
3rd Party fees, or ‘disbursements’, refer to costs for services included in your chosen plan that are paid by the funeral director directly. These are cremation fees, doctor’s fees and celebrant or minister’s fees. The disbursement limit will be increased annually in line with RPI.

Is a burial more expensive?
Yes. The funeral director’s costs and services remain exactly the same for both cremation and burial. However, because interment costs vary enormously according to different local authorities’ pricing, only when we know where you wish to be buried can we give you a fixed price.

Can I choose the funeral director?
Yes. Safe Hands works in partnership with a nationwide network of NFFD (National Federation of Funeral Directors) approved independent funeral directors, many of whom offer over 100 years’ experience providing top quality funeral services within their local communities. If the funeral director you wish to use is not an NFFD Member, prior to you paying for your plan we will approach them to ensure they are happy to undertake your funeral on our behalf.

Can I tailor or alter my plan?
Yes. All Safe Hands funeral plans can be tailored to suit individual tastes and preferences. Safe Hands funeral plans can also be altered or added to at any time (additional cost may be applicable depending on nature and extent of alterations).

Does Safe Hands offer an Eco-friendly plan option?
Yes. Safe Hands is able to arrange eco-friendly funerals at a range of woodland sites across the UK. Due to the bespoke nature of eco-friendly funerals, we request that you contact us to discuss your precise wishes, after which we can provide a firm price.

Can I purchase a funeral plan on someone else’s behalf?
Yes. Upon application, simply make us aware that this is your intention.

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I have changed my mind. Can I get a refund?
If you decide to cancel your plan within 28 days, you are entitled to a full, no-quibble, refund. If you choose to cancel your plan after 28 days, a £395 cancellation fee will apply.

What if the plan holder dies while abroad or away from home?
If the plan holder dies abroad then repatriation is the responsibility of their next of kin; the cost of repatriation is usually covered by travel insurance, however, if the plan holder dies away from home in the UK, the allocated funeral director will arrange the collection and any additional mileage above that included within the plan will be charged (by the funeral director).

Can I make personal requests within my funeral plan?
Yes. All NFFD approved funeral director will go out their way to honour any special requests. For example, why not ask the funeral director to walk the hearse to the crematorium or cemetery?

Do I have to take a medical?
No. Safe Hands funeral plans are available to anyone…regardless of age, current health, or medical history.

Are there any hidden expenses?
No. Everyone in the Safe Hands team is trained to ensure you fully understand exactly what your plan covers before it is paid for.

What is not included within my funeral plan?
Safe Hands funeral plans include everything that is required for a traditional burial or cremation. You may order or request any number of special additions (frequently at no extra cost). We will ensure that you fully understand exactly what is included within your plan before it is paid for.